Astro-Slug Dev Blog #6

That’s right, it’s time for another blog post.  The best part: this is the biggest update yet!  If you would like to skip all the fancy stuff, there is a changelog below.


Added Ral’s Ship

Ral Meynolds now has his very own spaceship!  On the left, there will be a door; this is where you go to start the game.  After killing every enemy on the bridge, you will be transported back to your ship to start again!  You can also see your stats here.

New Artwork

I’m a terrible artist.  Luckily, I found some awesome art online, made by Gelatinousfox on!  You can now see this artwork on most levels.



That may bring terrible high school flashbacks, but I promise it’s exciting.  Now, the game keeps track of how many enemies you’ve killed and how many ships you’ve pillaged and plundered.


Locked Screen Resolution

The screen resolution has been locked so that you can see everything you are supposed to see!


Changed Controls

Some controls have been changed.

Pressing ‘R’ will return you to your ship.  This is what you should press when you die.

Pressing ‘Esc’ or ‘Escape’ will close the game.



+Added level artwork

+Added player’s ship

+Added laser particle effect

+Added stats

+Locked resolution

-Changed ‘r’ and ‘esc’ controls

-Fixed dying when starting bug

-Fixed bullets travelling through enemies

Ask questions or leave comments below!


Beaming out,


Download Posted on: April 19, 2017Jrbdog