Astro-Slug Dev Blog #4

You know when you drink something really cold and it feels like your head is frozen?  I experienced something like this, except instead of a really cold drink, I tried to code something difficult.  I call it a code-block.  Anyways, everything turned out fine.

As always, you can skip to the changelog if you don’t want to read my gibberish.


Better Camera

The most common analogy to game development is film making.  This is not just because of the similarity between the products, but also the similarities in production.  For example, the object that the player looks from in a game is called a camera.  Other objects are called actors.  Since my last post, I have improved the former.  You can no longer see outside of the level!  This makes for a much cleaner experience when shooting aliens in the face.


New Level

A new level has been added.  It isn’t just any level, however, but the tutorial level!  Now you can learn how to play Astro-Slug in style.

Improved Jumping

To everyone who figured out that it was possible to fly in the game by spamming the space bar: I’m sorry.  I fixed it, so now only a single jump can be performed.  Look on the bright side: the game is now more challenging!  Who doesn’t love a good challenge?



+Tutorial Level

+Added level transition

-Improved camera

-Removed ‘flying’ ability

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Beaming out,

Download Posted on: March 15, 2017Jrbdog