Astro-Slug Dev Blog #2

Things move slow in space. In fact, it takes your planet about 31,536,000 seconds just to orbit around the sun.  Like the Earth, progress has been slow the last week.  I only got one thing done!  Luckily, the addition is a rather important one.  As always, you can skip to the changelog.


Enemy Drops & Pickups

Enemies now drop items when they die!  Currently, there are 3 different items that can be dropped:

Small Health  Small health restores 20 health to the player.

Large Health Large health restores 50 health to the player.

Rapid Fire Rapid fire increases the firing rate and the speed of the lasers for 8 seconds.



+Small health pickup

+Large health pickup

+Rapid fire pickup

Feel free to ask questions or make comments below.


Beaming out,


(p.s. you can now report bugs and glitches!  Simply fill out the form here.)


Download Posted on: February 21, 2017Jrbdog